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SportFlow is a triplanar geonet core with a geotextile laminated to one or both sides. Used in both synthetic and natural athletic fields, it is an effective drainage system that is placed under the entire base layer.

SportFlow has an extremely high permeability (k ³ 65,000 ft/day), with a flow rate equivalent to a 12-inch untreated open-graded aggregate. Placed under the aggregate layer, SportFlow will provide uniform and continual collection of infiltrating water, protecting your field from excessive saturation.

Not only does SportFlow ensure excellent drainage, it also reduces and simplifies your excavation, allowing for the elimination of up to twelve inches of soil removal and replacement. Unlike natural drainage stone, SportFlow has significant strength and creep resistance to enhance the strength of any sub-base layer.

    Post Industrial Waste
  • Quick removal of surface infiltration water with high permeability
  • Economic alternative to unstable open graded aggregate
  • Capillary break with void maintaining structure
  • Geotextile separator to prevent the migration of fines
  • Easy installation with less excavation and reduction on sub-grade strength requirement
  • High compressive creep


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