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With 30-years experience developing and implementing synthetic aggregate systems, Engineered Sportfield Solutions has resolved the challenges typically associated with designing and building both synthetic and Post Industrial Wastenatural drainage layers for sport fields throughout North America. ESS is the only Engineered Sportfield Solution” that provides Best Practice solutions, while delivering proprietary product technologies that can be used with any natural or synthetic turf. ESS products enhance product performance, while also offering superior impact protection, energy absorption and longer-lasting performance that is suitable for all playing surfaces. Engineered Sportfield Solutions provides products and services that “engineer” safety by combining the most recent technological innovations and applications with turn-key design engineering principles.

ESS can help provide you and your customers with turn-key solutions from conception, through construction, to completion for synthetic and natural turf fields. We strive to integrate design and materials to deliver improved construction efficiency and improved performance in a technically competent, industrially innovative manner.

No matter what the sport, every type of sportfield has one thing in common; the playing field needs an engineered system of drainage to maintain a safe and healthy playing surface. Poor drainage can cause the playing surface to become unusable or unsafe. ESS products and service are designed and implemented to provide safety and performance for you sport field project.

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