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Compacting rounded, clean drainage stone in the perimeter drainage ditch is a challenge to most contractors on synthetic fields. The potential for the stone to displace under load causes the lines to move, especially during the infill process. Placing a layer of geogrid on top of the perimeter trench just below the turf or synthetic aggregate system helps to reduce this potential problem. The open area of the geogrid allows for the stone to interlock and resist lateral displacement through confinement. The stiff, rigid geogrid, through lateral constraint mechanism, provides a nice, stable platform for the overlying layers without reducing drainage characteristics of the aggregate.

ESS offers a wide selection of geosynthetic geogrids that are engineered to improve the performance of weak subgrades in athletic fields. While reinforcing and increasing the stiffness at the base of the synthetic or natural sport field, the geogrid openings interact with base materials, confining them and preventing lateral dispersion and improving structural performance of the subgrade.

  • Soil stabilization and base reinforcement
  • Increased separation between the subgrade and fill material
  • Prevent lateral dispersion of base materials
  • Improves structural performance


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