Adhesives 2011

Employment Opportunities:
We're looking for sales professionals to market and sell our innovative solutions to the athletic surface market throughout the United States and Canada. Please contact us at (410) 878-6341.


Welcome to Engineered Sportfield Solutions, LLC (ESS) Safe & Sanitary

With 30-years experience developing and implementing synthetic aggregate systems, ESS has resolved the challenges typically associated with designing and building both synthetic and natural drainage layers for sport fields throughout North America.  ESS provides products and services that "engineer" safety and performance for an optimal turf surfaces with exceptional synthetic drainage. It is our continuing mission to develop new and existing technologies to enhance all turf systems.  We strive to integrate design and materials to provide Best Practice and improved performance by combining technological innovation and applications with design turn-key engineering principles.

These technologies enhance turf performance for your benefit while offering superior impact protection, drainage and durability that are not attainable with any other natural or synthetic material.  Our geosynthetic products will enhance field safety and long-term performance with no increase to traditional construction and/or maintenance cost.

Engineered Sportfield Solutions promote engineered geosynthetic technologies that specifically target synthetic and natural turf projects.


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